The 2019 Award Longlist

Picture Book Matisses Magical Trail.jpg

 picture books

Please Mr Magic Fish- Jessica Souhami

Between Tick and Tock- Louise Greig, illustrated by Ashling Lindsay

#Goldilocks- Jeanne Willis, illustrated by Tony Ross

Elmer's Walk - David McKee

The Society of Distinguished Lemmings-Julie Colombet

Wisp: A Story of Hope- Zana Frallion, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith (shortlisted)

Ocean Meets Sky- The Fan brothers

Amazing- Steve Antony (shortlisted)

The Sea Saw- Tom Percival

Jungle Jamboree- Jo Empson

Billy and the Beast - Nadia Shireen

I am a Tiger- Karl Newson, illustrated by Ross Collins (shortlisted)

The Suitcase- Chris Naylor-Ballestros (shortlisted)

Lubna and Pebble- Wendy Meddour, illustrated by Daniel Egneus

The Rhythm of the Rain- Grahame Baker-Smith

Alba the 100 Year Old Fish-Lara Hawthorne

Matisse's Magical Trail-Tom Hopgood, illustrated by Sam Boughton (shortlisted)

The Case of the Red Bottomed Robber- Richard Byrne

The Tide- Clare Helen Welsh, illustrated by Ashling Lindsay (shortlisted)

The Little Green Hen- Alison Murray


poetry books

Poems to Live Your Life By- chosen and illustrated by Chris Riddell

Poetry for a Change- A National Poetry Day Anthology

A Kid in my Class- Rachel Rooney, illustrated Chris Riddell (shortlisted)

Dark Sky Park- Philip Gross, illustrated by Jesse Hodgson

I am a Jigsaw: Puzzling Poems to Baffle Your Brain - Roger Stevens (shortlisted)

Perfectly Peculiar Pets- Elli Woollard, illustrated by Anja Boretzki (shortlisted)

Spaced Out- chosen by James Carter and Brian Moses

Happy Poems- chosen by Roger McGough

Once Upon a Star- James Carter, illustrated by Mar Hernandez

A Year of Nature Poems- Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Kelly Louise Judd (shortlisted)

Poetry Zone- chosen by Roger Stevens, illustrated by Joe Decie

The Big Beyond- James Carter, illustrated by Aaron Cushley



Amazing Transport-Tom Jackson, illustrated by Chris Mould

Natural Wonders of the World- Molly Oldfield, illustrated by Frederica Bordoni

Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species- retold and illustrated by Sabina Radeva

Voyage through Space - Katy Flint, illustrated by Cornelia Li

Planet Awesome- Stacy McNulty, illustrated by David Litchfield (shortlisted)

DK Timelines of Everything

The Clue is in the Poo- Andy Seed, illustrated by Claire Almon (shortlisted)

Athena: The Story of a Goddess- Imogen and Isabel Greenberg

Alastair Humphreys’ Great Adventures - illustrated by Kevin Ward

The Bluest of Blues- Fiona Robinson (shortlisted)

A Planet Full of Plastic- Neal Layton (shortlisted)

Raise the Flag- Clive Gifford, illustrated by Tim Bradford


read aloud

Hotel Flamingo- Alex Milway

The Legend of Kevin- Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre (shortlisted)

Corey's Rock- Sita Brahmachari, illustrated by Jane Ray

Starfell: Willow Moss and the Lost Day - Dominique Valente, illustrated by Sarah Warburton

Picklewitch and Jack- Clare Barker, illustrated by Teemu Juhani (shortlisted)

The Cloud Horse Chronicles: Guardians of Magic- Chris Riddell

Stormhound- Claire Feyers

Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure- Fleur Hitchcock (shortlisted)

Pog- Padraig Kenny

The Missing Bookshop- Katie Clapham, illustrated by Kirsti Beautyman

The Adventures of Harry Stevenson- Ali Pye (shortlisted)

The Steam Whistle Theatre Company- Vivian French


quality fiction

Riddle of the Runes- Janina Ramirez, illustrated by David Wyatt (shortlisted)

Our Castle By the Sea- Lucy Strange

The Secret Starling- Judith Eagle, illustrated by Kim Geyer

Hello Lighthouse- Sophie Blackall

Star Stories- Anita Ganeri, illustrated by Andy Wilx

No Ballet Shoes in Syria- Catherine Bruton

Swimming Against the Storm - Jess Butterworth

The Golden Horsemen of Baghdad- Savior Pirotta, illustrated by Freya Hartas (shortlisted)

Jack Fortune and the Search for the Hidden Valley- Sue Purkiss

Pages and Co: Tilly and the Book Wanderers- Anna James

The Boy at the Back of the Class- Onjali Q Rauf (shortlisted)

Bloom- Nicola Skinner, illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino (shortlisted)


moving on

Where the River Runs Gold- Sita Brahmachari (shortlisted)

Little Bird Flies- Karen McCombie

The House of Light- Julia Green

The Boy Who Hit Play- Chloe Daykin

The Middler - Kirsty Applebaum (shortlisted)

Lightning Mary- Anthea Simmons

High Rise Mystery- Sharna Jackson (shortlisted)

Vote for Effie- Laura Wood

Secrets of a Sun King- Emma Carroll

The Legend of Sally Jones - Jakob Wegelius

Check Mates - Stewart Foster (shortlisted)

Race to the Frozen North - Catherine Johnson, illustrated by Katie Hickey