This Zoo is NOT for YOU


From the author of the wonderful 'There's A Bear On my Chair' comes a new gem! 'This Zoo is NOT for YOU' is another rhyming treat full of lovely pictures.

I adore duck-billed platypuses! I came back from Australia with a great many souvenir adorned with them so the hero of this story stole my heart the moment I saw him on the cover. 


Platypus arrives at the zoo where the animals are holding interviews. Once greeted by Tiger, he is sent to one animal after another who each in turn find reasons for why this zoo is not for him. Having realised they were quite rude and needed to make amends, the animals also realise they had mistaken Platypus's reason for arriving at the zoo in the first place. 

I couldn't resist sharing 'This Zoo is NOT for YOU' with my Y6 class at the end of the day- and they LOVED it. There are so many details in the illustrations which they picked up on, 'reading' the pictures with great skill and pleasure. 


The story lends itself to discussions about judging others, being more accepting, tolerating differences, the importance of realising when you have done something wrong... and plenty more. I was really impressed with the thoughtful comments my children came out with and would love to explore this further in the near future.


Full of humour and gorgeous illustrations (the expressions on the animals' faces are just wonderful!), 'This Zoo is NOT for YOU' is sure to become a firm favourite in both schools and homes. I'd love to see Platypus in another story!

This Zoo is NOT for YOU   Ross Collins

Nosy Crow ISBN: 978-0857638953

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Picture Book Club South West


Last night, we met once again for Picture Book Club SW. Every time, the group gets bigger which is fantastic and a real tribute to the hard work Emma, Melanie and Greet put into organising it.


Our author/ illustrator this time was Lucy Volpin. She explained how she came to write and illustrate picture books which was not what she set out to do! 'We Love Dinosaurs' came from her passion for dinosaurs and her desire to see them portrayed accurately in a children's book. This would have been a huge hit with my son when he was little with its colourful, friendly (and accurate!) dinosaurs.  


'Crocodali', the character in her new book, is the greatest artist in the whole world- but he needs the reader's help to create his masterpiece. Lucy shared some of her wonderful artwork and the techniques she uses. Her portfolio was full of amazing sketches and pictures- I wish I could draw!


We could have listened to her for hours- but the lovely people at Foyles wanted to go home, so all too soon it was time for the raffle. Guess who won!!!


If you love picture books and want to talk to others who do to, then make sure you join us for the next session! Watch out for dates on Twitter!

Al's Awesome Science


Meet twins Al and Lottie Boffin and their dog, Einstein. Al has decided to invent a time machine so he can go back and meet Great Grandpa Boffin and so is experimenting to find out what the best shape for this would be. Aided by his sister, their investigations are messy and often have unexpected results, but as a true scientist, Al is determined never to give up!

'Al's Awesome Science: Egg-speriments!' is a humorous, fun story which is also full of scientific facts and experiments to try. The reader is encouraged to explore the concepts investigated by the twins, but with the addition of some good advice to help avoid some of the mayhem caused in the story!

This is an excellent way of bringing science into the home and making it achievable for everyone. With 'Awesome Egg Facts' and 'Awesome Science Facts' scattered throughout, there is lots to learn whilst enjoying the story. Plenty of illustrations add to the fun! A great read!

Al's Awesome Science: Egg-speriments! by Jane Clarke, illustrated by James Brown

Five Quills     ISBN: 978-0993553738