The Rhythm of the Rain


Playing in his favourite pool on the side of his favourite mountain as the rain starts to fall, Isaac empties his jar of water into the flow of the stream and follows as it flows down the mountainside, past his house and on through the country and through the city. As the river joins the ocean, Isaac, now in his little boat, wonders where his little jar of water will go now. The story continues following the water as it becomes part of the water cycle and eventually ends up with Isaac in his mountain pool once more.


This richly illustrated book explores the never ending path a drop of water takes and the connections it makes on its journey. The flowing prose celebrates the beauty of water as it moves - its moods and rhythms depicted by carefully chosen language, offering much to discuss and enjoy for the reader.


The story is a celebration of water and all that it gives to everything on ‘our blue water-world’. The clouds release their ‘gift of water’ in a country ‘far, far away from Isaac’s pool’ where it is much needed. Wherever it goes, plants and creatures of the land, sky and sea welcome it, reminding us of how essential water is to our well-being.


This celebration of water is continued in the fabulous illustrations which adorn each spread. Rich colours reflect the different moods and motion of the water as it meanders calmly, tumbles playfully and rolls wildly. Vibrant and absorbing, each is a mini masterpiece.

Perfect for enjoying, ‘The Rhythm of the Rain’ could be used as a way into work on rivers or the water cycle. It could also be used to inspire poetry and descriptive writing. Just beautiful!

The Rhythm of the Rain Grahame Baker-Smith

Templar ISBN: 978-1787410145

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Behind Closed Doors


Fifteen year olds Josie and Tasha live near to each other, but have little in common. However, each is having a difficult time at home. Josie’s mother is a hoarder; convinced she is saving the planet by collecting things others throw away, she has made their home impossible and dangerous to live in for her daughter. Tasha is becoming increasingly uncomfortable in her own home as her mother’s boyfriend starts paying her unwelcome attention. The girls come together in an unlikely friendship as both face homelessness.

We never know what happens ‘behind closed doors’. Home should be a place of sanctuary, somewhere to feel safe and shut out the outside world. Sadly, for many this is not the case and Miriam Halahmy delivers a hard hitting, gripping story, exploring this theme.

Weaving together real issues which face many young people, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ shows how easily vulnerable youngsters can slip through the net and find themselves alone and at the mercy of the manipulative and unscrupulous. The complexities of a loving parent who is not protecting and supporting their child for whatever reason is sensitively explored and the girls show great resilience and courage in the face of serious challenges.

Moving and powerful, ‘Behind Closed Doors’ is a story of love, friendship and what home really means.

Behind Closed Doors Miriam Halahmy

Firefly Press ISBN: 978-1910080788

Let's welcome ...The New Neighbours!

IMG_5107 (2).jpg

I make no secret of how much I love this book and how often I recommend it and read it to classes. The appeal and humour of the story make it perfect for encouraging discussions about acceptance, understanding and challenging prejudice. Last year, our year 6’s wrote their own fantastic versions so I was really keen to add it to our Book Week celebrations.


The whole school read and enjoyed the book and then each year group explored it further in class. We decided to use the story as a meaningful way of starting to explore ‘British Values’ and what these mean to the children. The conversations it generated were wonderful and resulted in the picture above- an idea which I cannot take credit for, I’m afraid!

A brilliant book with so much to offer!

The New Neighbours Sarah McIntyre

David Fickling Books ISBN: 978-1910200582