Dinosaurs Don't Draw


Picassaur, a little dinosaur, can't stop drawing. He finds new drawing materials everywhere he goes, using them to create wonderful pictures. However, his mother, his father and the other dinosaurs are not impressed by his efforts. They remind him that dinosaurs gnash, bash, stamp, stomp... they do not ever draw. But when a terrifying T-Rex appears, they all come to appreciate the power of pictures!


When I met up with Steven Lenton at the Oxford Literary Festival, he was kind enough to give me a copy of his new picture book with Elli Woollard. Having loved 'The Great Gran Plan' which went down really well at our teachers' book group and is being enjoyed in classrooms, I was delighted to get my hands on it! 'Dinosaurs Don't Draw' does not disappoint and is another hit from this team.


The story is a lovely one- be yourself, enjoy what you enjoy and don't be put off by others! The focus on art and its importance is a fantastic message to spread at a time when art can easily be squeezed or seen as less important than other subjects. 

The rhyming text offers plenty of chances for joining in and is great for reading aloud. Rich and engaging vocabulary choices offer much to discuss and enjoy-  Picassaur's name, for example!


Each page bursts with colourful illustrations, full of fun and little details to explore. A book about enjoying art deserves nothing less than the engaging, vibrant pictures contained in these pages. The little pink lizard-like dinosaur ( we have called him Rodney!) is just delightful- so much personality comes through each of his expressions! 

'Dinosaurs Don't Draw' is a fantastic story, full of fabulous illustrations! 

Dinosaurs Don't Draw  by Elli Woollard, illustrated by Steven Lenton

Macmillan   ISBN: 978-1447254836



Flying High with Reading!


For World Book Day this year, we entered the 'Flying High with Reading' competition. We thought long and hard about what we could do to show our love of reading in display form. Inspired by Emma Carroll's book 'Sky Chasers' and the Bristol Balloon Festival, we eventually decided to take hot air balloons as our theme. Each class chose a favourite book and worked together to create a balloon based on it. Having 22 classes, there was quite a selection!

DSC_0001 (2).JPG

The effort and enthusiasm each class put into their balloon was amazing! The children love them and each one has caused a great deal of discussion about books as they are keen to identify the book and share what they know about it. Many have been borrowed from the library!


Books ranging from The Jolly Postman, Hairy Maclary and Owl Babies to Sky Song, Shackleton's Journey and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe all hang alongside each other. We didn't win the 'big prize', but the children were delighted to learn we had won a bronze prize, giving us £500 worth of books for the library.


Book Group couldn't resist getting involved as well and added Odd Dog and Nibbles to the collection. The project was great fun, got the whole school involved, parents and children talking about books and gave us a great display for the hall. A win all round!

Oxford Festival: Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton


Today, I drove through the snow to Oxford for the Literary Festival. Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton were at the Story Museum for a session of brilliant fun and stories about Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam.


These former crooks obviously had a very dedicated following in the audience and everyone loved Tracey's re-telling of the original picture book. This fabulous story was our first Picture Book Category winner and is a huge favourite in our schools.


Steven then taught us to draw Sam in his chef's outfit. Under his expert tuition, amazing pictures were drawn by adults and children alike. 


Next, the audience was split into two groups to play an interactive board game. Half the audience were supporting Shifty with Steven (who had the lovely Sophy Henn on his side!) while Tracey and Sam led my side. Lots of cheering and great tension followed as the die rolled and the red and blue vans made their way round the board. Great fun!

Whenever I see Tracey and Steven in action, I am always so impressed by the amount of thought and effort they put into their sessions. Their manner with children is really lovely and Tracey's storytelling skills are second to none! Brilliant books- brilliant session! A wonderful way to spend a snowy Saturday afternoon!