Brilliant Bookshops: Bookends of Fowey, Cornwall


In the lovely Cornish town of Fowey you will find 'Bookends of Fowey'. This is a wonderful little shop, packed full of a mixture of new, second-hand and antiquarian books.


We arrived in Fowey on my brother's boat- the only way they could get me on it was by promising a bookshop at the end of the trip! - and made our way from the quayside, along the bustling streets to Bookends.


My nephew was desperate for the latest David Walliams book so we got that and then I chose a couple of treats for myself! The shop is small, but offers a satisfying range of goodies. The lady on the till was lovely, chatting with everyone and so helpful. 

If you're in the area, make sure you add it to your list of places to visit!


Nibbles- The Dinosaur Guide


Nibbles is at it again. This time he's nibbled his way into a book about dinosaurs where he is in danger of ending up as dinner!


This wonderful mixture of fact and fun will entertain and engage everyone. Brilliantly interactive with flaps to lift and peep through nibble holes, this book will appeal to dinosaur enthusiasts and those with no knowledge of palaeontology at all!


Facts about dinosaurs are cleverly mixed with the humorous antics of our yellow friend, making this a story which can be read in different ways. Velociraptors used to be one of my son's favourite dinosaurs and I love the spread full of these vicious creatures, dreaming sweetly (What do you call a dinosaur who sleeps all day? A dino-SNORE!) of riding unicorns amongst other things, until rudely awoken by the yellow menace! 


The illustrations are a joy! This would be a great text to use in school for work on dinosaurs or as a model for presenting information about other creatures which Nibbles might nibble his way into a book about! I really look forward to seeing where he nibbles to next!

Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide    Emma Yarlett

Little Tiger ISBN: 978-1848696914

Dragons at the Bath Festival


Another session I really enjoyed at Bath was M P Robertson's dragonytreat! He talked to us about how and where he works. From his suitcase, he produced a dragon's eggs and some horns and then showed us a film of his pet dragon, Ignatius, who made a lot of noise and breathed a lot of fire!


After all that excitement, we then settled down to do some drawing step by step. The results were really good and even I managed to produce something which looked like a dragon!


Inspired by the session (and let's be honest, I don't really need an excuse!), I bought 'Pet Dragon', a beautifully illustrated book about looking after a dragon. Flicking through it, I thought it would be excellent for using in school and look forward to working on some planning to go with it!


My favourite M P Robertson books are 'The Egg' and 'The Moon in Swampland'- and this joins them!

Dare to Care Pet Dragon M P Robertson and Sally Symes

Frances Lincoln    ISBN: 978-1847805898