Knitbone Pepper: Ghost Dog

Last week, Claire Barker, author of 'Knitbone Pepper', visited two of our schools- High Down Junior and Bournville- whilst in North Somerset. 


The children loved hearing about Knitbone, a faithful family pet, who remains at his family home, Starcross Hall, after he dies as a ghost- a Beloved.

Claire talked about her pets and showed the children pictures of them. She told them how she chose a dog as her main character when she was thinking about best friends- and how Knitbone would have to become a ghost to remain his owner, Winnie's, best friend forever! 

Claire said, "Authors are just like me and I am just like you...I am proud of that little girl who could never believe that she would write a story." She also told the children, "I wanted to write a book that children would like to read and that parents would enjoy sharing with them."

We certainly think she has done that!

Here are some comments from children:


"It was interesting to find out how she wrote the book from her own experience."

"It was fascinating because not many people get to see a real author in school; we were lucky!"

"I liked all the ghost animals."

"I enjoyed helping her to make up the new ghost animal."