Bath Festival- weekend 2!

 Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntrye were amazing! Entertaining as ever, they had their audience captivated with their unique mix of music, drawing, fun… and lots of pugs! Sarah was wearing another of her amazing creations and looked fantastic. Such a great session!


Next, I saw Chloe Inkpen (with a little help from her dad!) introduce everyone to her adorable little puppy in ‘I will love you anyway’. This was another session where the children were completely engaged and enjoying themselves! I just love the pictures of the little dog and can’t wait to share this story with my niece.

Another ‘Bath Picks’ session introduced Helena Coggan, Catherine Doyle and Taran Matharu, three new young adult novelists. Having read and enjoyed ‘Vendetta’, I was looking forward to hearing Catherine Doyle.  John McClay led the discussion about their books and inspirations. There were lots of questions from the audience about their writing and ideas. 

The final Saturday event for me was Philip Reeve and Joe Abercrombie. Philip Reeve’s new book ‘Railhead’ is a great read. Having bought it just before lunch, I had nearly finished it by time I heard them speak. Both authors spoke well and gave readings from their books with lots of expression - great to listen to! The conversation was lively and entertaining.


On Sunday, Michael Foreman gave the audience a fascinating insight into his life and his work. It was an inspiring session, full of his beautiful drawings and memories. He talked fondly of his childhood, his artistic training and how he had come to illustrate children's books. Once again, the hour flew past far too quickly!

Shane Hegarty (Darkmouth), Kieran Fanning (The Black Lotus), Will Mabbit (The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones) and Linda Davies (Longbow Girl) took the stage together for another 'Bath Picks' slot, with the discussion again led by John McClay. The panel shared extracts from their books and discussed how they started writing and their future plans.


I finished my weekend by hearing Jennifer Donnelly talking about her new series, The Waterfire Saga. Talking about how she writes and giving aspiring authors lots of tips, she was very interesting to listen to and the session flew by!

An excellent festival again! I look forward to next year's!