Super Science Experiments- Chris Oxlade

Full of fun, practical experiments, this book is a great resource for school as well as home.


Divided into four sections- Electricity, Air and Water, Light and Sound and Matter and Minerals- the book is easy to follow and clearly laid out. Most of the experiments use readily available materials, require a minimum of preparation and all have an indication of the level of difficulty involved and the time and support needed.  


In school, this text has obvious uses in science, but also demonstrates the features of both instructions and explanations well, offering useful links with literacy. Experiment layouts lend themselves to text marking, using as models and as a basis for innovation.  Children could take photos, copying the style of the book.

A lovely book for the school library or book corner, it would also be handy for teachers!

Sent for review by the publisher. 

Miles Kelley Publishing

ISBN: 978-1782094234