The Lion Who Stole my Arm by Nicola Davies

Published by Walker (ISBN: 978-1406335255)

Perdu is desperate to be a great hunter like his father. However, when a lion takes his arm, he fears this will never happen and he will always be the crippled boy instead. He works hard to strengthen himself so he can take revenge on the beast, but when the opportunity arises, will he change his mind?

A great way into looking at endangered species, this book also offers an insight into the threat some creatures pose to the humans they exist alongside. The story is exciting and well written and offers lots of opportunities for discussion and research. Viewpoints can be explored and there are plenty of opportunities for role play and debate.

Making choices, and perhaps, compromises, is something else which the book explores. Perdu, faced with a life changing problem, initially makes the decision to seek revenge, but later reviews this decision in light of additional information and understanding.

Above all, this is an exciting read which is very well written. Short enough to be completed quickly, it would prove a satisfying end of day story.