The Shiver Stone by Sharon Tregenza

Published by Firefly Press (ISBN: 978-1910080085)

Carys is determined to discover the identity of the phantom sculptor who has been leaving their work on the local beach. Solving that mystery leads directly to more puzzles as the artist disappears and a stranger with an odd tattoo starts asking lots of questions. 

A pacey, adventure with plenty of mystery, this is a book that keeps you turning the pages! The plot is well structured and keeps the reader guessing until the end, offering plenty of opportunities for Book Talk. There are many puzzles and solutions that will keep the conversation flowing!

The characters are another strength of the story. Carys is strong willed and plucky and should be no less appealing to boys than girls as she is realistic and believable. She doesn’t want to have to deal with her father’s new girlfriend and many children will empathise with her thoughts and feelings on this matter. There are many opportunities for writing in role, not only as Carys, but also as Jago. Drama activities- hot seating , freeze framing, role play- all lend themselves to exploring aspects of the story .

Set in Pembrokeshire, the setting is beautifully described, with the mysterious Shiver Stone standing on the cliffs. This is a a great read with plenty to explore with a class.