Bonfire Night Books

Teaching about Guy Fawkes this November? Here are two of my favourite books for using at this time of year.

From the 'Not So Brilliant Brits' series, Richard Brassey's 'Guy Fawkes' is packed full of information, presented in a lively, fun way. Perfect for using as the basis for research, writing in role and recount writing to name a few, this very visual text is appealing to children of all abilities. Cartoon strips are used very effectively in places to add to the main text. 

Harriet Castor's 'Guy Fawkes' from the 'Famous People, Famous Lives' series is another text which presents lots of information in a very user friendly manner, with plenty of illustrations. Also useful for inspiring different forms of writing as well as supporting the historical subject, this book includes a 'Further Facts' section which, amongst other things, questions the truth of the Gunpowder Plot which could lead to further investigation using historical sources. 


Does anyone else have any suggestions of books that they use?