National Non-Fiction November


National Non-Fiction November is the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ annual celebration of all things factual. Born out of National Non-Fiction Day, the brain child of Adam Lancaster during his years as Chair, the whole month now celebrates all those readers that have a passion for information and facts and attempts to bring non fiction celebration in line with those of fiction.

The theme for National Non-Fiction November, 2015 is MAPS! In September 2015 Lonely Planet Kids is publishing You Rule! which helps readers design, create and govern a completely new nation from scratch! It’s full of fascinating facts about nations and micronations all over the world, from the big-league to the bizarre and will guide readers on their journey from rabble to ruler.

Children are fascinated by maps and will spend ages poring over them. They enjoy creating their own based around what they know and what they imagine. As a theme, MAPS has endless possibilities for work in the classroom!

Obviously, there are the links with geography- teaching mapping skills, using atlases and maps, locating places, learning about grid references and so on. There are also links to history- how have places changed over time at local, national and international levels. 

Following maps for orienteering activities, using compasses or clues, can be great fun, allowing children to solve problems and work in teams. Drawing sketch maps to plan out activities for sports' day, for example, allows children to use their skills in a practical manner.

Creating maps can also help children with writing stories, planning their own worlds. Often maps are included as end papers of novels to allow children to follow characters on their journeys or to locate themselves within their imagined world.

This is a theme with many possibilities for school, home and group work!