Anti-bullying Week 16th -20th November

Anti bullying Week 2015 is being held from the  16th to the 20th November with the theme "make a noise about bullying" organised by Anti-Bullying Alliance. Follow the events on social media using #antibullyingweek.

Anti bullying week is a great way to get involved, take a stand against bullying and raise awareness in your school, college or organisation as bullying doesn't just affect children, but adults too. 


Wear blue on 20 November 2015  and show your support for anti bullying week .

The 'wear something blue' campaign is being launched this year and schools, organisations and individuals are being asked to wear blue on 20 November 2015 and donate to Bullying UK. This can be anything from blue jeans, blue top or you could wear something really out there and stand out for bullying. Find out more at:

There are many books and poems that can be used to explore this theme in school. Several appeared on our long list- 'Something Else' and 'Hide and Scare Bear' for example -and you can find reviews of these in our reviews section. 

Here are a few other suggestions of books that could be used to support discussion or work in this area.

Tyrone the Horrible by Hans Wilhelm. 

This is an old book now and very American in its style and language, but it explores different ways of trying to tackle bullies/ bullying behaviours. Children can really empathise with little Boland in his struggle against Tyrone; there are many opportunities for writing, discussion, role play, hot seating...

It is possible to read the book on line at

There are also some YouTube clips of the story. 

Is It Because? by Tony Ross

Told in rhyme,  this book is a series of questions asked by a young boy to his dog. Each starting 'Is it because..?', they allow the reader to empathise with both the bully and the victim. After many questions, the little boy comes to the conclusion that the bully is jealous of him. Very thought provoking, this story can be used in so many ways, with many outcomes. Please get in touch for ideas if you are interested!

Andersen Press

ISBN: 978-1842705810

Four O'Clock Friday by John Foster

A very challenging and moving poem, this offers plenty of scope for discussion, allowing the reader to empathise with the victim. I have used this successfully with a number of classes of differing abilities and have always been pleased with the outcome.


OUP Oxford

ISBN: 978-0192760937

These are just a few of the many possibilities available!