The Sheep Won't Sleep - Curtis Jobling and Tom McLaughlin

This is such a fun story! Told in rhyme, the verses bounce along at a lively pace, accompanied by comic illustrations. 

The quality of the language used makes this a pleasure to read aloud and share. Alliteration and onomatopoeia add to the humour of the sheep's antics, offering much to discuss and explore in each verse. Perfect for use with little ones, this story could also be used as a model for fun writing with older children.

As the naughty sheep won't sleep, the reader is encouraged to count them in groups of ten, providing a great way of reinforcing counting and number patterns through story.

Splishing, splashing, naughty, nifty,

Shifty sheep now number fifty!

Ten more bleating, being tricksy,

Woolly jumpers just hit sixty!

The illustrations are not just for counting! There is much to look at and laugh about in the antics of the sleepless sheep that children will keep coming back time and again.

One of those special books destined to become both a classroom and bedtime favourite! I look forward to more books from this team.


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ISBN: 978-1405267113