Brilliant Bookshops: Mr B's in Bath

If you've never been to Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights, you really don't know what you are missing! As you step through the doorway, you find yourself in a calm, light space which is full of books. 

The selection of books on offer is excellent! Everywhere you turn, books are presented in the most attractive- and often quirky- manner; I love the old bath in the children's section with its selection of hardbacks on top! The staff are delightful; friendly, willing to help and knowledgeable, they make a visit even better!

Mr B's offers a Book Spa service and I was given one of these sessions as a gift. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am very capable of choosing books for myself so I wasn't too sure about the whole thing. However, I had an excellent time- it was great fun chatting to someone else who loves books as much as I do. This was where I first came to know and love 365 Penguins!

Such a wonderful, independent bookshop in the heart of the beautiful city of Bath should be a must on everyone's list of places to visit! Just be prepared to find yourself spending a lot of time (and possibly, money!) browsing its amazing selection of books.