40th Anniversary National Tree Week Saturday 28th November – Sunday 6th December

Each winter, The Tree Council inspires thousands of people across Britain to join forces and plant upwards of a million trees during National Tree Week – the UK’s largest tree festival.  
Launched in 1975, National Tree Week is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. 

There are some fantastic stories about trees from around the world- myths, legends , historical stories...

One of my favourite collections is 'Spirit of the Forest', a collection by Helen East, Eric Maddern, illustrated by Alan Marks. 

This collection contains stories from around the world, each of which is beautifully illustrated. As well as showing cultural differences, parallels can be drawn between themes and traditions. The importance of nature and the role of trees in the well-being of our planet comes through each re-telling in different ways. 

Frances Lincoln Children's Books ISBN: 978-1845072681

Another book worth a mention, although not really a children's book, is Britain's Tree Story, a National Trust book which looks at the history and legends surrounding Britain's oldest, largest and most famous trees. A fascinating book to dip in and out of!

National Trust ISBN: 978-1907892202