This day in 1955...Rosa Parks

 On December 1st 1955, after a long day of work, Rosa Parks boarded a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. She took her seat in the ‘coloured’ section, but as she made her journey home, the bus began to fill.  

The Montgomery city authorities allowed bus drivers to assign seating; however, it did not permit them to demand that a passenger give up their seat for someone else. Despite this, bus drivers often required black passengers to give up their seats to white passengers when the buses became full.

When Rosa Parks was asked to give up her seat, she refused. She was arrested and the events that followed are Civil Rights history. She was found guilty on December 5th 1955 of violating the city ordinance and fined $10 plus a court fee. 

'Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott' retells this story in graphic format, making it accessible to everyone.It offers a good introduction to such a significant event.