On the fourth day of Christmas...

Father and Son

Geraldine McCaughrean (text) and Fabian Negrin (Illustrator)

Told from the perspective of Joseph, this is such an emotional insight into a father's feelings for his newborn child. Beautifully written, the reader follows Joseph's thoughts as he wonders how he will be able to live up to being a father to the son of God. 

Accompanied by lovely illustrations which speak volumes about the relationship between father and son, Geraldine McCaughrean's prose is beautiful. Her words are always chosen with the greatest care, creating wonderful images.

There are many ways this book could be used in class- quite apart from it being a lovely story. It is an excellent example of telling a story from an alternative viewpoint for a start. 

One of my favourite Christmas stories, this always brings a tear to my eye!

Hodder Children's Books   ISBN: 978-0340882085