More goodies!

There are so many fantastic books to be shared at this time of year that I can't stop on the twelfth day. Here are two more of my favourite Christmas books.

Celebration Song: A Poem

James Berry (author) and Louise Brierly (illustrator)

Simon and Schuster  ISBN: 978-0671894467

Told through the eyes of Mary, this is a mother's memories of her child's first year, expressed with such warmth and tenderness. Set against a Caribbean background, the text and illustrations work so well together to tell this lovely story.



Geraldine McCaughrean (author) and Christian Birmingham (illustrator)

Doubleday Children's  ISBN: 978-0385605359


Geraldine McCaughrean's amazing story-telling abilities combined with the gorgeous illustrations of Christian Birmingham make this one of my favourite Christmas books to share with children (and to read myself!)

Including the words to the carol and an 'introduction' to the Wenceslas story, this book is a joy from beginning to end. The richness of the language brings the tale to life and the messages of goodwill, generosity and caring for your fellow man can be shared by all.