On the fifth day of Christmas...

The delightful story of Mr Willowby’s Tree. Too big for his mansion’s parlour, Mr Willowby asks his butler to cut the top off his Christmas tree, thus starting a tale of reducing, reusing and recycling. Miss Adelaide the maid, Mr Timm the gardener and a host of woodland animals all benefit from Mr Willowby’s excess tree trimmings.

First published in the early sixties, this timeless tale is a reminder to celebrate the small things and see the potential in items that some people may cast aside. A poignant and balanced message that counters the ever increasing tradition for overindulging during the Christmas season.

Robert Barry’s funny rhymes, clever illustrations and sweet characterisations make this the perfect story to share as a family or in a classroom. With only a small amount of text on each page, it is also a wonderful book for early readers to enjoy alone.

This classic story has lived in our special Christmas story basket for many years. Each time we read it as a seasonal bedtime story is a real treat.