There's only one more sleep til Christmas!

In Iceland, they have an amazing Christmas Eve tradition- giving books! The 'Jolabokaflod'- Christmas book flood- is the result of the custom as the majority of books are sold between September and December ready for the season of giving. I found books in Iceland to be very expensive, but of excellent quality- perhaps this is indicative of the regard they are held in!

Ever happy to adopt brilliant ideas, this is one custom I fully intend to start practising this year! I always give members of my family books as gifts- carefully chosen to match their interests or to offer them something different-browsing for ideas gives me as much pleasure as actually giving them- but from now on, I shall do this on Christmas Eve! Maybe in addition to Christmas Day, not instead of! You can never have enough books...

I'll have to share my choices after they have been opened- otherwise there will be no surprise!

Happy Christmas Eve!