Hanukkah 6th December

Hanukkah, or Chanukah, is the Jewish Festival of Lights. Dating back to two centuries before the beginning of Christianity, in the western calendar it is celebrated in November or December. The word' Hanukkah' means 'rededication' and celebrates one of the greatest miracles in Jewish history.

'The Story of Hanukkah' by Amy Ehrlich, with paintings by Ori Sherman ( Penguin Putnam Inc  ISBN: 978-0140552850), is an excellent re-telling of the story behind this festival. The illustrations are striking and bold and compliment the text well. 


'Light the Lights!' written and illustrated by Margaret Moorman (Cartwheel Books  ISBN: 978-0590483834)  tells the story of a family celebrates the traditions of two holidays- Hanukkah and Christmas. This is a lovely way of showing similarities between faiths- the importance of family and how people come together at special times, how happy sharing these festivals makes people and how many families share and celebrate more than one faith. 

חנוכה שמחה