Christmas Poetry

There are many lovely Christmas poems worth exploring- many of which are easily 'learned by heart'! Here are a couple of my favourite collections.

My First Oxford Book of Christmas Poems

John Foster (selected by) and Mark Marshall, Joanne Partis and Melanie Williamson (illustrators)

 OUP Oxford   ISBN: 978-0192763532

Organised into five sections, there are poems here to be shared before, during and after the big day. Anything with John Foster's name on it is usually a real treat and this is no exception! Poems from A.A Milne (The more it snows, tiddley-pom...) and Alfred, Lord Tennyson ( Ring out, wild bells...) sit alongside work by Tony Mitton and Judith Nichols. There are haikus, shape poems, traditional carols and raps- a wonderful mixture of styles and genres. Beautiful illustrations complete the package, making this a fantastic book for home and school- a real treasury of delights!


Bright Star Shining: Poems for Christmas

 Selected by Michael Harrison and Christopher Stuart- Clark

Cover illustration by Louise Rawlings

Illustrations by Stephen Lambert, Louise Rawlings and Susan Scott

OUP   ISBN: 978-0192761828


Another lovely collection of festive poems! This contains several animal poems- The Shepherd's Dog, The Donkey's Song, The Christmas Mouse and my favourite, We Three Camels by Jane Yolen.

Poems telling the Christmas story are mixed with those about trees, lights and food, but the main focus of this anthology is the true meaning of Christmas. A book to bring out and enjoy every year.