On the eighth day of Christmas...

Wombat Divine

Mem Fox (author) and Kerry Argent (illustrator)

Harcourt Publishers Ltd College Publishers   ISBN: 978-0152020965


Christmas down-under! Wombat loves everything about Christmas- particularly the Nativity play. Finding a part for him to play isn't easy as he is a clumsy, large creature...but it all ends well!

This is such a lovely, heart-warming story with an Australian setting. Mem Fox is an excellent author- I love all her books (particularly Wilfrid Gordon Mcdonald Partridge ) and have never had a class that didn't respond really well to her work. 

The illustrations are delightful, really giving personality to the characters. There is so much work you could do based around this story, but above all, it's a great one to share- just for the fun of it!