On the eleventh day of Christmas...

A Christmas Carol

One of my all time favourite books, there are many versions of this for children- of greatly varying quality! There are also several stories that follow the format of a 'miserly' or 'grumpy' individual being transformed by a series of visits which are excellent for showing how authors innovate on a familiar plot. These are two of my favourites!

Grumpy Badger's Christmas

Paul Bright (author) and Jane Chapman (illustrator)

Little Tiger Press   ISBN: 978- 1848950351 

As you might expect, it's a badger who takes on the Scrooge-type role in this story. Instead of 'Humbug', everything Christmassy is 'Piffle'. Three creatures visit him only to be turned away- until, at last, he is transformed into a Christmas-loving party host! 

Beautifully illustrated and using fonts to add to the story, this is a delightful tale to use in the classroom- and at home!


The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Susan Wojciechowski (author) and P.J Lynch (illustrator)

Candlewick Press   ISBN: 978-0763636296

Jonathan Toomey never smiles- the children call him 'Mr Gloomy'. But we learn, through this beautiful story, that it is grief that has made him this way and through a series of visits from the widow McDowell and her son, Thomas, his miracle transformation takes place. 

'Pish-posh' is Mr Toomey's version of 'Humbug' (be careful how you say that in front of a class!) and each time there is a knock on the door, he is less grumpy than the time before.

The illustrations are amazing. They are detailed and have an 'old-world' charm about them. Combined with the lovely story, this is a fabulous book. If you haven't read it, you really should!