On the ninth day of Christmas...

The Inn Keeper and his Daughter.

Two very different stories- one about the inn keeper and one about his daughter.

Jesus's Christmas Party

written and illustrated by Nicholas Allan

Red Fox  ISBN: 978-1849415262


Light hearted and humorous, this story focuses on the Inn Keeper. All he wants is a good night's sleep, but constant interruptions make this impossible! 

Children love to join in with the grumpy Inn Keeper's actions and enjoy the unconventional take on the story. Nicholas Allan's illustrations are as delightful as ever, working with minimal text to convey the message so clearly.

One not to be missed!


Leah's Christmas Story

by Margaret Bateson-Hill (author) and Karin Littlewood (illustrator)

Lions Children's Books  ISBN: 978-0745960937

This lovely book allows us to see the events of the Nativity through Leah, the Inn keeper's daughter.

Shown kindness by Joseph when she was knocked down in the crowd, Leah is concerned for him and his heavily pregnant wife. When her father lets them stay in the inn's stable, Leah does all she can to support them and the reader is able to follow the events that unfold through her eyes.

The beautiful illustrations make this book a real pleasure to share. Not only are the expressions on the faces of the characters so realistic, but the colours are vibrant and warm, bringing them to life. 

Another treasure!