On the tenth day of Christmas...

The Story of the First Christmas Tree


The First Christmas Tree: A Legend from Long Ago

Helen Haidle (author) and David and Elizabeth Haidle (illustrators)

ISBN: 978-0801043932

Based on an old Sicilian legend, this tells the story of a little fir tree who shows kindness to others on their way to see the baby, Jesus. Each has something special to give, but the little tree has nothing- his branches are empty; he is small and spindly. However, God is watching and recognises his good heart and 'a swirl of glittering stars cascaded downward, filling the branches of the little tree...'

A lovely story with plenty to discuss and enjoy and many opportunities for writing in role, drama, etc.

The Little Christmas Tree

Andrea Skevington (author) and Lorna Hussey (illustrator)

Lion ISBN: 978-0745945880

Another telling of this legend. The little fir tree is mocked by the other trees, but she protects and cares for the creatures of the forest and is rewarded with stars from the angels' cloaks.

Great to use together to show how legends can change in the re-telling, both use some lovely language and are well illustrated in very different ways.