A Walk in Paris by Salvatore Rubbino

Published by Walker Books (ISBN: 978-1406341522)

A little girl and her grandfather journey round Paris, enjoying the sights and experiencing the culture. 

Although the book only offers brief snippets information, it is surprisingly informative. There are travel tips, facts, French vocabulary and cultural information as well as a mapped tour round Paris! Each spread is full of detail with French being used in context. The girl’s excitement at being introduced to each new place is beautifully presented, encouraging children to share in her sense of wonder and delight. 

The obvious use for this book is a starting point for a visit to Paris or a topic on Paris (or France). It is perfect for inspiring those ‘what do I want to learn?’ or ‘what else can I find out?’ questions. The view from the top of Notre Dame, for example, highlights not only the iconic Parisian sights- the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc.- but also some lesser known ones- Saint Jacques tower, Les Invalides, …  Children could present their research in the style of the book, taking inspiration from its style, or create a class book having worked collaboratively to plan the whole. It could also be used as the inspiration for a class display punctuated by succinct pieces of information as in the book. If making a comparison between Paris and a local area, children could create ‘A Walk in…’ using the location of their choice. 

There are lots of opportunities to develop the use of French in the classroom which could stem from the book. Scenes from the market or the café could be acted out with the children using French phrases. This could lead to writing in French- menus, invitations to come to a café or market… so many possibilities!

Great book with great potential for use in the classroom!