Use Your Imagination (But be careful what you wish for!) by Nicola O’Bryne

North Somerset Teachers Book Award Book image 7.jpg

Published by Nosy Crow (ISBN: 978-0857633927)

Rabbit is bored, but fortunately, a librarian comes along and encourages him to use his imagination to create a story. Unfortunately, the librarian also happens to be a wolf!

A great fun read aloud, this book has children joining in and making links with other stories. Adults might be put in mind of other rabbits of trickster tales- Brer Rabbit, Trickster Rabbit, Little Rabbit- as the rabbit in this story is not as naïve as he first seems! 

Children quickly start to do as the wolf urges and use their imaginations to predict what might happen next. The use of different fonts also adds to the story, placing emphasis on the different ideas.

This is a fantastic idea for a story and encourages lots of discussion and prediction. Familiarity with ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ helps, but if this highlights the fact that children don’t know that traditional tale, then this offers an opportunity to share that with them too! 

Isn’t IMAGINATION a wonderful thing? Absolutely- so let’s use it!