Walter and the No-Need-to Worry Suit by Rachel Bright

Published by Harper Collins Children’s Books (ISBN: 978-0007445486)

Walter worries about everything- chocolate-eating monsters, losing Mr Teddy, forgetting something he should be worrying about… When he is entered for three events at the Seriously Competitive Sports and Funday, Walter’s worrying goes out of control and his friends hatch a plan to help him.

This is a very simple story about a not very simple subject. Walter worries- as do many of us. Through exploring Walter’s increasingly elaborate and unrealistic concerns, discussion of other worries can take place. Even though his friends ‘smile’ and ‘chuckle’ when they hear his issues, they are not laughing at Walter and they do their best to support him and find a solution to his problems.

The illustrations are bold and full of detail, supporting the text perfectly and there is lots of humour to be explored. The opening spread showing the ‘horseshoe of houses’ that makes up Woollybottomis sure to inspire the creation of some maps by children. Different sized font has been used to emphasise parts of the text.

Children could tell, act out or write stories about other worries that Walter might have and find ways his friends could help him to solve them. They could also design their own ‘No Need to Worry’ suits.  This is a lovely story that could be used with any age group.