Dangerous by Tim Warnes

Published by Little Tiger (ISBN: 978-1848957428)

Mole really loves to label things and when he finds something strange on the path, he sticks labels all over it. When the Lumpy-Bumpy thing scares Mole and eats all his labels, Mole decides it is dangerous and tries to get away. But things don’t turn out as Mole expects!

This story is the perfect way of opening discussions about friendship, differences and how we treat others. Mole quickly decides that this stranger must be dangerous and feels the need to label him as such. Mole then becomes annoyed because the Lumpy-Bumpy thing behaves differently. When Mole lashes out and upsets the Lumpy-Bumpy thing, the emotions of both can be discussed and explored. This offers lots of opportunities for drama and role play activities. Children can think about what being a friend means and how we act in different situations. 

The labelling element of the book is a joy- children very quickly spot the poo carefully labelled alongside everything else! This could lead to lots of gathering of vocabulary and looking at synonyms and antonyms. Work could also be done on sorting Mole’s labels into different word classes- which are nouns, which are adjectives, etc.  Can the children guess what an object is from the labels which ‘Mole’ has stuck on it? Do we all see things/ describe things in the same way? 

The illustrations in this book are lovely. Mole looks so simple to draw and yet, his emotions are conveyed perfectly. The bright, colourful spreads are very appealing and this is a book that needs to be enjoyed again and again!