The Big Monster Snoreybook by Leigh Hodkinson

Published by Nosy Crow (ISBN: 978-0857633316)

All the monsters in this book are fast asleep. It’s most annoying, particularly as they seem to have fallen asleep just as you started reading! But there is something going on! Who is that little green monster who appears on each page? 

Great fun to read aloud, each page is packed full of things to see. Children enjoy following the activities of the little monster while enjoying the noises the big, sleeping monsters are making. After the first reading, it becomes impossible not to join in with the cacophony of different sounds!

Leigh Hodgkinson’s word choices are great fun and can be used to explore alliteration and onomatopoeia. Children could create their own monster noises using these techniques that could be recorded and used in their own writing. 

This book is bright, colourful and full of fun!