Lili Wen Dee Tan

Published by Fat Fox (ISBN: 978-0992872847)

Lili found it hard to make friends because of her red hot hair. So, she finds things to do to amuse herself. However, when she finds some village children lost and in danger in the woods, she doesn’t hesitate and leads them to safety!

This is a beautiful story about overcoming rejection and being accepted for who you are. These ideas are presented in a very simple, child friendly way which will provoke discussion with children (and adults) of all ages. The illustrations are monochrome apart from Lili’s flaming red hair, drawing attention instantly to what makes her unique. 

Feelings of isolation and loneliness, mistrusting/ misunderstanding differences in others, believing in yourself and forgiving others are all areas that can be looked at through this story. It could be used as inspiration for writing exploring feelings, e.g. writing in role, poetry. 

A lovely book which is sure to become a classroom favourite.