Dogs don’t do Ballet by Anna Kemp

Published by Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing (ISBN 978-1847384744)

'Dogs don’t do Ballet is about a dog who pretends to be a human.  The girl (his owner) does ballet and he watches.  He really wants to do ballet and when he can’t, he howls at the moon!  In the end, he is in the paper for doing ballet.  I like this book because it’s all about a dog who does ballet.  I like the pictures as they look real.'

Caitlin aged 5.

This is a truly heart-warming tale about a dog, called Biff, who thinks he is a ballerina.  Biff watches ballet on television and follows his owner to ballet lessons.  When his owner gets tickets to the Royal Ballet, she wants to take Biff but her Dad says no.  Obviously Biff follows her to the ballet and saves the day. 

Dogs don’t do Ballet is one of my favourite picture books for children.  The story by Anna Kemp is great and the illustrations by Sara Ogilvie beautifully convey the trials and tribulations of Biff’s journey depending largely on how perky his or her ears are looking. The illustrations have a nostalgic 60s-70s feel to them that remind me a bit of Mr Benn and perfectly compliment the story.

This book would be great to use in PSHE when talking about how who, or in this case what you are, shouldn’t limit your dreams.