Green Poems for a Blue Planet by Martin Kiszko

Published by Redcliffe Press (ISBN: 978-1906593551)

A collection of poems highlighting the threat humans pose to the future of the planet.  Martin says I hope these poems provoke a thought, raise a smile, start a conversation, spark an idea, spur us into action, or simply turn on a few 'green’ lights.

These poems are certainly thought provoking! There are so many that could be used in class that it is hard to know where to start…

The illustrations are appealing and compliment the poems without dominating the page. 

Many of the poems lend themselves beautifully to being performed, read aloud and shared. Although many are humorous and adopt a light-hearted tone, there is a strong message that comes through, making them an excellent starting point for discussion in RE, PSHE, Science, outdoor lessons etc. There are so many possibilities that I have just highlighted a few.

Green Dreams really appeals to me. The word choices are so carefully made and can be used as a starting point for developing vocabulary, using thesauruses, creating word banks etc. The content of the poem is perfect for the subject of a debate and discussion writing. It lends itself to a model for children to write poems of their own on this subject. The opportunities are endless!

Very moving and poignant, Tiger Tiger tackles a very serious issue and could form the basis for debates, research, conservation issues, writing in various genres. The original, Tyger, Tyger could be introduced and compared. 

Street Names could be a starting point for local history or geography work. What are street names in the local area names after? What happened to the trees etc. that roads are named after? What is there now? This could lead onto mapping of the trees that remain in the locality and perhaps organising a nature walk with information about the trees that remain. 

This is a very exciting book- so much you could do with it!