My Rhino Plays the Xylophone: Poems to make you giggle by Graham Denton

Published by Bloomsbury (ISBN: 978-1472904560)

This collection contains long poems and short poems, poems about family, poems about animals… One thing these poems have in common is that they are all funny.

I sometimes despair as a teacher when facing a collection of ‘funny’ poems. Funny to some people seems to mean you can write badly and not make much sense and children will still laugh. In my experience, not many do and they are turned off poetry even more. This collection, however, is not like that. The poems are funny- and well written. The language is well chosen; there is a strong sense of word play; each poem is satisfying. This collection shows that ‘funny’ should not be equated with dumbing down- disconcerting, slothful, hanker after, eerie, invocations, erroneous- and many more carefully chosen words appear and there’s hardly a burp or fart to be found!

These poems are made for sharing and performing. They are bouncy and lively, perfect for dipping in and out of. The possibilities for use in the classroom are many and varied depending on the poem chosen, but the joy of this collection is, above all, poetry for poetry’s sake! Every class should have a copy!