Sun Time, Snow Time by Grace Nichols

Published by A C and Black (ISBN: 978-1408193006)

This collection is a re-releasing of two previously published collections by Grace Nichols- Come on into my Tropical Garden and Give Yourself A Hug. 

This is a delightful collection of poems by the very talented Grace Nichols. Through her writing she evokes the sights and sounds of the Caribbean and those of England, making each seem special. Her poems are lyrical with rhythms that make you want to join in and share her words. 

Many of these poems just need to be read and shared for the pure joy of their sound, rhythm and message. However, there are some which have great potential for further use in the classroom. One of my favourites is Give Yourself a Hug, a poem I have never been able to read without feeling good. It is amazing how children respond to the message, supplying their own ideas for when they feel the need for a hug and shouting out the last lines with great gusto! This has obvious links to PSHE work, but it becomes a great prompt/ saying in class when pupils are feeling down. 

For Forest, Sky, In With the Rhythm, Sun is Laughing and Granny, Granny, Please Comb my Hair are other poems that I would enjoy focusing on in more detail with my children, but each teacher and each class is different! There is a poem here for everyone!