Review - My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I Am Not) by Peter Brown

Published by MacMillan (ISBN: 978-1-4472-5748-6)

Quirky and original, this is the perfect book to help people come to understand one another and to find common ground. Deceptively simple, the text and illustrations work beautifully together, showing the developing relationship between Bobby and his teacher, Miss Kirby. As they spend time together and share time outside the classroom, she loses her monstrous appearance and becomes human.

This is a book made for sharing- with a child about to start school, with a class, as a bedtime story- with anyone! The mere mention of this story bought a huge smile to a friend’s face! 

For anyone who works with children, ‘My Teacher is a Monster! (No, I Am Not)’ offers plenty of opportunities to be explored. Seen through Bobby’s eyes, this could be used to explore feelings around meeting new people, facing new situations and seeing things from another’s viewpoint.  There are many opportunities to make links across the curriculum-PSHE, RE, use of illustration, etc.  The story also offers a fun way to explore speech punctuation, using the cartoon strip style sections where Bobby and Miss Kirby speak.

Above all, however, this is a charming story, perfect to enjoy and share!

Author Peter Brown has a wonderful website. Take a look at his thoughts on his book here.

He has also produced a fabulous activity kit to go along with the book which is free to download from his site...