Buzzing! by Anneliese Emmans Dean

Published by Brambleby Books (ISBN: 978-1908241078)

A mixture of poems, facts and beautiful photographs- never have mini beasts been more appealing than in this book!

Arranged into sections about different groups of insects, each double spread is full of factual information, including the Latin name of the creature. This is coupled with a poem which further explores some aspect of their lifecycle or habitat. 

These poems are written to be performed! As you read them, you find yourself getting into the rhythm of the lines and wanting to read aloud. There are funny poems and serious poems, but Anneliese’s enthusiasm for, and interest in, creepy crawlies of all kinds shines through. You can’t help but see insects in a new light.

Another strength of this book is the fact that it encourages the reader to find out more-What’s in your garden? What’s in your park? And your playing field? The scientists need to know! There is a website where you can find out more, find links to organisations that record sightings of bugs… There are also notes for KS2 teachers. A great resource for livening up lessons on life processes and living things! 

Fun to use as a cross curricular resource or for performance poetry!

For more information have a look at 'The Big Buzz' the online home of author Anneliese Emmans Dean.