Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman

Published by Bloomsbury (ISBN: 978-1408841761)

Mum’s away; Dad’s in charge. One of the things he has to do while she’s on her business trip is to remember to pick up more milk. Unfortunately, he forgets and has to pop out to get some. You’ll never believe what happened to him!

Great fun to read aloud, this book will have a class begging for more. Being easy to break into manageable sections (if the children will let you stop!), this would be a quick read which could then be popped on the class shelves for children to peruse and enjoy independently.

Chris Riddell’s amazing illustrations work so well with this story. As the situations Dad finds himself in get increasingly bizarre, Riddell’s pictures complement the humour of the text perfectly and are worth lingering over.

Although fairly short, there is a lot of interesting vocabulary that has been chosen deliberately for effect- lots of onomatopoeia for example. This could start discussions about and collections of words that the children could use in their own work. The whole text could inspire storytelling and then writing in this style of larger than life fantasy. There are many other writing opportunities that could be developed based on this story- writing in role, newspaper articles, diary writing…

On Neil Gaiman’s website, there are teacher’s notes and an activity pack amongst other things.

A great fun read!