Star Seeker: A Journey to Outer Space Theresa Heine

North Somerset Teachers Book Award Book image 81.jpg

Published by Barefoot Books (ISBN: 978-1846863851)

Two children take a tour of the solar system. Told in rhyme, using poetic language, the text is a mixture of fact, mythology and fiction.

This is a beautifully presented book. Each page takes the children to a different part of the solar system and the illustrations are vividly coloured and full of detail. The children change costume to suit the verse and the adventure they are having in that setting. At the back of the book, there is an excellent section about the history of space study, the solar system, the planets and other information.

‘Star Seeker’ would make an excellent starting point for investigating the solar system. There is enough in each short verse to base research questions on and the layout of the pages might inspire children to think about how they present their findings.  The mythological element of each could also be explored-e.g. Pegasus, the Great Bear, Mercury- and lead to work on myths and legends from around the world about the solar system, including those not explored here, e.g. the Moon rabbit, the moon in swampland, etc. They could also find out about the constellations and the early astronomers.  The imaginative nature of the illustrations could also encourage creative writing and/or poetry. 

Offering a unique blend of science and poetry, this book is a valuable resource for teachers.