Cinderella’s Sister and the Big Bad Wolf by Lorraine Carey

Published by Nosy Crow (ISBN: 978-0857633149)

Being an Ugly sister isn’t easy when you’re nice and kind. Gertie is the third Ugly sister no one has heard of and she really wants to go to the ball, but to do this she has to learn to be mean and nasty. Will she manage to change her ways?

This twist on the Cinderella story is great fun to read aloud. Cinderella is lazy and not very nice whereas Gertie can’t help being good even when she is trying to be bad. The illustrations are full of details and humour and are worth a close look. One child was fascinated by the items on the witch’s shelves while another spent ages identifying the characters at the ball. They loved recognising things from other fairy tales both in the story and pictures and that Gertie thwarted all the evil deeds!

Obviously lending itself to work on traditional / fairy tales, this book could be used as a starting point for so much more! Discussions about good and bad, doing the right thing, making good choices and not following the crowd could lead to debating and discussion writing. There are many opportunities for drama: hot seating, freeze framing, role play, and improvisation. This could lead to writing in role and from alternative viewpoints, including that of the ginger cat which follows Gertie everywhere! 

A great fun story with very appealing illustrations!