Happy Hooves: Ta-Dah! by Anna Bogie

Published by Fat Fox Books (ISBN: 978-0992872816)

One morning, Donkey decides to follow his dream and head to the beach. He takes his farmyard friends with him, but their journey is halted by a big cattle grid. Will they be able to get over it and enjoy a day at the seaside?

This is a charming tale of how friends can help each other and work together to solve problems. Each animal is inspired by Donkey to find their own style to cross the cattle grid, except the cow. The others then work together to make sure that Cow can join them. There are many occasions when such a tale might be relevant to a class and encourage them to find ways of doing difficult things. 

The story is perfect to be shared as a read aloud as children will enjoy joining in with the β€˜Ta Dah!’ line as each animal succeeds.  It lends itself beautifully to lots of drama activities which could lead to writing in a range of styles. 

The illustrations are a real delight! There is a collage style to them with patterned papers and a layered look; the trees and flowers are simple stylised shapes; the animals have large bright eyes and are very appealing. There is also a satisfying thickness to the paper used for the book which makes reading it a joy!