Littlenose the Hunter by John Grant

Published by Simon and Schuster (ISBN: 978-1416910909)

A collection of stories about Littlenose, a Neanderthal boy and his pet mammoth, Two Eyes.  Although things always seem to go wrong somehow, Littlenose always manages to redeem himself in the end. 

Each chapter in the book telling a self-contained episode in Littlenose’s life make each the perfect length for a story session. The characters are engaging with gentle humour being used to develop their personalities and the relationships between them.  Littlenose finds himself in many situations that will be familiar to children even if the setting is not! 

There is a lovely story-telling quality to these stories which make them easy to box-up for re-telling.  The book also offers the chance to discuss many strong word choices and how effectively these are used.

However, used across the curriculum, this is a great way into the Stone Age. It provides a way into discussions around Neanderthals (Big Noses) and Homo Sapiens (Straight Noses) and how these people lived. It could also be a starting point for research into woolly mammoths (Two Eyes) and other creatures that lived at this time. Finding out about the technologies of the period and learning how resourceful they were could also be developed from the book.

John Grant first presented his stories on Jackanoryin the late 1960’s. Some episodes can still be seen on You Tube.