Unreal! by Paul Jennings

Published by Puffin Books (ISBN 978-0140370997)

This book is a hilarious compilation of short stories written for even the most reluctant of readers! Paul Jennings book was first published in the 1980’s, yet it maintains a timeless feel; his funny stories will appeal to audiences now as they did 30 years ago. Whilst more suitable for older children, Paul Jennings weird and wacky tales were written with the purpose of helping young readers discover that reading can be fun. He is quoted as saying - ‘Books are fantastic. That’s what I want my readers to think.’

Unreal contains the story of a ghost who just wants to be reunited with his skeleton, boots, trousers and not forgetting- a shirt, a story about the rather ‘sticky’ ending of a superglue conman and the rather disgusting tale of a super powered plant manure named ‘Cow-dung Custard’.

These eccentric stories are funny, a little gross and just plain unbelievable. The first person narration makes then engaging and hard to put down, making them the kind of unforgettable tales that will be remembered by readers long after the book has been finished and returned to the library. Perfect as a starting point for sparking the imagination, Paul Jenning’s ‘Unreal’ stories would certainly inspire reluctant writers as well as readers.