I am a Poetato by John Hegley

Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books (ISBN : 978-1847803979)

It is said that the measure of a story increases in the telling and this is so for John Hegley’s quirky, funny poems which beg to be read aloud! The performance nature of this collection would be a wonderful addition to any classroom.

‘I am a Poetato' contains a rich variety of alphabetically inspired poems, reflections on people, pets and other creatures. Witty, quirky and with a strong extemporised feel, ‘I am a Poetato’ contains a little something for everyone - adult and child alike.

One cannot help compare his style to that of Spike Milligan: the side by side paring of words and author illustrations; the observational nature of the poetry themes and a small touch of the ridiculous. ‘Peter the Orange Parrot’ might quite happily live next door to the ‘Silly Old Baboon’!

‘Peter the orange parrot… 

they just thought he was a very very fluffy carrot’


Peter, it turns out, wasn’t a great conversationalist. 

However, when a very lost Santa passes his way, he is suddenly heard to speak.


‘and he directed Santa back to Lapland

to be in the lap of all the other lovely Lapps.

While the other parrots had been talking, 

Peter had been reading maps.’


Containing free verse, rap-rhyming, acrostic, lyric and even shape poems, ‘I am a Poetato’, whilst being a great book to read, is also a fantastic example of the range of poetic styles.