Something Else by Kathryn Cave and Chris Riddell

Published by Puffin  (ISBN: 978-0141338675)

Something Else is a small creature who wants to fit in, but he’s different. He tries hard to belong, but somehow it never works out. Then, one day, another something comes along and wants to be friends, but Something Else isn’t sure about him at all…

This is such a powerful book. Something Else is shunned by everyone simply because he is different. Anyone reading can’t help but feel sympathy for this little creature as his efforts to fit in and be accepted are rejected again and again. Sadly, the story reflects the experiences of many of us as we go through life and so presents an excellent way in for conversations in school about celebrating difference and uniqueness rather than being suspicious or judgemental. 

The fact that Something Else initially rejects the creature who visits him and then realises that he had acted in the same way as the others serves to underline the message, offering further opportunities for discussion. How did the creature feel? What made Something Else realise what he had done? How did Something Else feel? Why? 

Chris Riddell’s moving illustrations match the text perfectly. Something Else is both judged and judges and the pictures show the emotions he feels in both situations. 

A must for every classroom!