Vampirates: Demons of the Ocean by Justin Somper

Published by Simon and Schuster (ISBN: 978-0689872631)

Connor and Grace are twins, recently orphaned after their widowed father's death. Rather than being adopted by the town's busy-bodies, they decide to set sail for new pastures in their father's last single possession, his sailing boat. But a vicious storm sees their boat capsize and the twins separated. Two mysterious ships sail to their rescue - each picking up one twin before disappearing into the mist. Connor wakes to find himself on a pirate ship and is soon being trained up with a cutlass. Meanwhile Grace finds herself locked in a darkened room, as the vampirates await nightfall...Determined to find each other, yet intrigued by their new shipmates, the twins are about to embark on the biggest adventure of their life...

With plenty of humour, action and suspense, this very original story has all the ingredients needed for an excellent page turner! It has more to offer than ‘just’ a vampire story.

The main characters are believable and well-drawn with a host of quirky and appealing lesser figures. Although true to type in that the pirates steal and the vampirates drink blood, both are shown to be empathetic and to care for the twins, giving them fuller personalities. 

The first of a very exciting series, this book is great for reluctant and keen readers alike, offering plenty of adventure and a satisfying start to the saga!