Creaturepedia by Adrienne Barman

Published by Wide Eyed Editions (ISBN: 978-1847806345)

Grouped for their characteristics and special talents, this is a book full of animals. ‘Lilliputians’, ‘prickly ones’, ‘long tongued’ and ‘the vanished’ are gathered together and drawn beautifully. With facts and illustrations, this book is perfect for browsing for hours!

The way this book is arranged is great for expanding children’s knowledge of creatures from all over the world. The comprehensive index allows you to locate an animal of choice and that section will then show you a whole range of creatures – some of which you might never have heard of! This then leads to further research and exploration. For example, whilst looking up the European tree frog (found in ‘The emerald greens’ section), I came across the Kakapo which I had never heard of. Intrigued, I am now something of an expert!

The quality of this book will appeal to children. It is a heavy, beautifully presented book that offers a way into the world of animals and further research. Although some sections have no information, it is an excellent starting point and is accessible to children (and adults!) of all ages.