Archie Green and the Magician's Secret by D.D. Everest

Published by Faber & Faber (ISBN 978-0571307395)

On his twelfth birthday, Archie Greene receives an ancient book left for him in 1604, written in the language of angels. Archie is yet to discover that he is a book whisperer and is the only one who is able to save The Museum of Magical Miscellany.

This is a beautifully written, page turning adventure. Full of mystery, it is a great story for people looking for a book to read after Harry Potter.

The vibrant settings make you feel like there’s a window looking down into Thistle, Bramble and Archie’s adventure. With so much story, it is great for all ages.

Review by Maisie age 10.

Orphaned Archie receives a hand delivered parcel on his birthday which opens up a whole world of adventure. He is sent by his grandmother to stay with his “talented” family where he and his cousins get involved in a dangerous mission to protect magical books, saved from a great fire many centuries ago, when they are again threatened by the darker magical forces at bay in their world.

The format may sound familiar, but Everest’s tale is refreshing and enthralling. It is well written, fast paced, has imaginative characters (Gryphon bookends. barista gatekeepers to another world) and uses occasional illustrations to break up the engaging vocabulary.  It is an excellent read. It will be a huge hit with book worms, maybe with frustrated HP fans looking for the next thing and I think is particularly suitable for younger readers (or even listeners) as the content is less “dark” than other magical titles.  We absolutely loved it and are keen for the next volume (Archie Green and the Alchemists Curse) to be published.