The Flower by John Light & Lisa Evans

Published by Child’s Play (ISBN: 978-1846430169)

Set at some point in the future, Brigg lives in a world without colour. Every day, he goes to work in the grey library where the dangerous books are kept. When he finds some labelled ‘Do not read’, he smuggles one home and finds out about flowers. This leads to a series of events that add some colour to his world.

When Brigg finds the book with pictures of flowers in it, he is inspired into finding the real thing. As he searches for the real thing, his awareness of the world he lives in seems to develop as well.  There are many opportunities for discussion with this story about the role of the individual in society and how each of us can make things better if we take action. 

The illustrations match the tone of the story so well. The charcoal tones and pencil lines make Brigg’s tinge of pink stand out, emphasising his individuality and highlighting his curiosity about the world. The curious birds seem to be encouraging him in his quest to find flowers, hinting at nature’s vested interest in his succeeding.

An intriguing story which offers many possibilities for use in class- drama, writing, developing character, environmental work, science…