The First Slodge by Jeanne Willis and Jenni Desmond

Published by Little Tiger Press (ISBN: 978-1848690394)

"Once upon a slime there was a Slodge. The first Slodge in the Universe". 
The Slodge, alone on earth (or so she thinks) understandably things that everything is hers, whether it is the Sunrise or flowers. So when another Slodge appears out of nowhere, she is not quite ready to share. 

A quirky and child-friendly tale of sharing and friendship,  "The First Slodge" raises questions about who the world really belongs to (if to anyone at all) and finding one's place  in a community and more generally in society. Jeanne Willis' perceptive and humorous narrative teamed with Jenni Desmond's delicate artwork make these very complex concepts accessible to young children and will undoubtedly prompt some interesting discussions.